To visit

Archaelogical Museum of Chianti Senese

The Archaelogical Museum of Chianti Senese, opened on Aprii the 2151 2006, is located in the Fiorentine Fortification in the town square, the historic center of Castellina in Chianti. The Museum was designed and built to accomodate visitors in a friendly way, presenting itself as an interactive structure thanks to an entrance hall with free access and a video projection system providing information on the history of the area and about the Etruscans. The exhibition is made in 4 rooms and offers a journey through the rich locai archaelogical sites (Montecalvario, Poggino of Fonterutoli in Castellina in Chianti; Poggio la Croce in Radda in Chianti; Cetamura in Gaiole in Chianti). Between performances emerge for their importance a feline head in stone, that is the symbol of the Museum, jewelery, ivories, bronzes, peinted ceramics, attesting to the tradition of the Chianti Region.
The visit also includes a tour of the tower (Council Room and Captain’s Room) and the opportunity to enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding area: from Siena to Volterra, from the Chianti hills to the mountains of Casentino.

The Church of St. Salvatore

The building is of Medieval origin, but shows modem structures in “Neo-Romanesque” style. Inside the Church, people can admire an important painting representing the “Madonna in Trono”, attribuited to Bicci di Lorenzo (1373-1452) and a wooden statue of the Renaissance periode of St. Barnaba, old patron of Castellina. In the right aisle is placed a gold wooden um with the relices of St. Fausto, patron of the town, donated by the Ugolini Family. In the left aisle there is a ciborium of the Renaissance century and finally, behind the altar, peolple can see the crucifix of Tuscan school of the XVII century. The 3 bells are of 1797.

La Rocca

The military-strategic role of Castellina in the Middle Age is demonstrable thanks to the Rocca Comunale, in whose courtyard is possible to admire an ancient well. It’s a massive building with a crenellated tower. Since 2006 the tower is the house of the Archaelogical Museum of Chianti Senese, and now hosts the Council hall, the Captain’s Room (where civil weddings are celebrated) and the courtyard with the well.

Le Mura & Via delle Volte

The walls of Castellina, built in medieval times, over the centuries have been almost completely demolished. The walls are visible on the North side of the town and it’s also preserved the ancient walkway “Via delle Volte”, which extends in parallel to the main street of the town “Via Ferruccio”.

Via Ferruccio

lt’s the main street of Castellina, where it’s placed on the right the old U golini Palace, already Squarcialupi Palace. Above the entrance ofthe adjacent Palazzo Bianciardi there is the crest of Pope Leone X.